At RhyBus, we see a world where solutions are built around an existing process on familiar platforms so that you can simply go about your work bringing together the right people and resources with visibility that leaves nothing in the dark. We work to prototype an intuitive, custom workflow so you can see a new way of working with change in your organization. We’ll work together toward a shorter launch timeframe with less training and administrative burden.


Founded in 2006, by Microsoft Alumni, we are well known within Microsoft and military divisions including: the US Army Medical Command, Air Force Central Command, the US Department of Education, the Department of Interior. We are also serving enterprise clients including World Bank, Callison Architecture. Our staff and management team brings 50 years’ experience and subject matter expertise in Financial Management Information Systems, and Services.

RhyBus - Change Made Easy
RhyBus - Change Made Easy


Unlike most software solution companies, our platform is entirely custom. Our core principles include: prioritizing customer outcomes first; assigning functional empathy to the product so every feature has a purpose, all optimized around controlled total cost of ownership.

Reduced TCO is achieved without bloated consulting, licensing, or heavy administration. We believe in customer empathy, understanding business challenges to deliver innovation by customizing the technology to the customer, not the customer to the technology. At RhyBus, everything we do is focused around customer success as we automate, iterate, and simplify large-scale, complex processes.


Customers choose the right platform for their scenario whether it’s what they already own or what integrates best or their platform choice as an enterprise. We support leading brands with virtually the same functionality:

RhyBus - Change Made Easy
RhyBus - Change Made Easy

Partners & Industry Expertise

RhyBus partners with industry experts to properly assess and develop an architecture that not only addresses the customer needs but brings together best practices from industries such as healthcare and retail where we have top consultants who act as the primary connection for discovery and understanding.