At RhyBus, we see a world where solutions are built around an existing process on familiar platforms so that you can simply go about your work bringing together the right people and resources with visibility that leaves nothing in the dark. We work to prototype an intuitive, custom workflow so you can see a new way of working with change in your organization. We’ll work together toward a shorter launch timeframe with less training and administrative burden.

Our Passion

At RhyBus we seek to uncover the hidden value contained in your existing processes.  We are relentless in our pursuit  to bring together the right people, the right resources, and the right information, to make the right decisions.  We seek to provide the most accurate and timely information for your team to make actionable and intelligent choices.  Our core value of having “Functional Empathy” mandates that we listen, understand and internalize your problems to deploy the workflow that will fundamentally change your way of doing business. 


RhyBus - Change Made Easy
RhyBus - Change Made Easy

Our Founders

Our Founders were born in large complex enterprise deployments where data is stored but not often used.  The Founders are Microsoft Alumni that have the deepest knowledge of complex enterprise data structure.  Our work has allowed us to have successful partnership deployments with some of the most challenging organizations in the world.   Our team has successfully worked with several Department of Defense and commercial organizations to drive measurable results based on our deep expertise in the sources and uses of data.   

Our Platform

Our technology is platform agnostic and is adaptable to any infrastructure.  Whether you are using Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 or are completely deployed in an AWS environment our team can help. 

RhyBus - Change Made Easy
RhyBus - Change Made Easy

Our results

We have been successful in showing immediate and measurable results from our engagements.  Within our work of the Department of Defense we have positively impacted a 40 year old process, gaining widespread acclaim from leaders that had thought nothing could be one.  In one such DoD deployment, RhyBus cut down contract processing time from an average of 8 months to around 2 weeks.  While other DoD organizations have seen 20%+ reduction in total cost of ownership.