Financial Planning

& Budgeting Workflow

The future of financial planning and budgeting

Say goodbye to

manual spreadsheets

Spreadsheets were not designed for collaboration or the demands placed on our current financial leaders. Use RhyBus to enable a digital workflow that removes the complications associated with version control, access control, and manual data transfers.

One Dashboard

for everything

Access all key insights, data, and visualization models in one centralized dashboard. With RhyBus, no more wasting time in disparate spreadsheets, worrying about data integrity, and manually building charts and graphs to enable effective decision support. This is the ultimate tool for leaders looking to confidently and efficiently allocate resources and make funding decisions.

3rd-Party Systems

Effortless integration

No more manual data transfers. Enable your teams to move data between systems with ease while preserving data integrity. Customize the import and export process to seamlessly integrate RhyBus with your enterprise accounting solutions to make data workflows easier than ever.