Rhybus has successfully been adopted by 140+ companies and organizations worldwide in an array of industries and sizes including: Government, Healthcare, Financial Services, Logistics. Retail, Human Resources.
For each customer, we immerse ourselves into the business goals and process to identify patterns and best practices, then construct features the are best suited to the customer’s business needs including:

Intuitive UI User Adoption is easier when it’s intuitively built around familiar processes.
Functional Work Flows Built around YOUR processes, not a one-size-fits-all product menu
Full 360-degree views We look beyond the task, but the entire business solution. How does RhyBus fit?
Compliance & Audit Regulations and compliance can be incrementally standardized
Notifications Proactive alerts and information for the users and stakeholders involved. If something is happening or not happening,you are notified with real-time alerts. If an SLA is not being met,you'll know along with management and stakeholders. The alert contains the action within it. A Direct link helps resolve and complete the task.
Knowledge Management Establishing a self-managed knowledge management model is key to the organizational process maturity
Dashboards & KPIs Integrated dashboards and KPIs give continuous visibility and reporting
Integrated Mobile & Chat All platforms support integration for mobile and chat but SharePoint
PII protection and compliancecapabilities Any added content in any form, we check for PII based on the rules by the business owner – checking if required or not. Warnings pop up notifying that there is PII information. Private information can be automatically redacted. Common patterns for private information are already built in. Role-based authorization enables only those allowed to see.
Single Sign-on You don't need to log into RhyBus separately, it goes along with your existing login capabilities if you are affiliated with the organization. Compliant with AWS, Azure, etc..